Allan’s Hot Works Permit

An interesting but very hot day for Allan onsite in Clones, Ireland. Thankfully there was an ice-cream parlour adjacent to help Allan cool off!

On Thursday Allan and Trudy flew across to Northern Ireland to run the 4th out of 6 workshop for our 5th NVQ Level 4 programme at CITBNI. As always it was a fantastic session and the candidates explored techniques and processes which could help them manage their teams more effectively.

After this, Allan travelled down to Clones in Ireland to visit, Niall from MCB Civils, who is a candidate on our programme. Niall was supervising the demolition of an old bookmakers shop which made for an interesting site visit.

The site was situated in the middle of a very busy shopping area with one way traffic and many traffic controls were in place. With this, welfare had been set up in the grounds of the local pub beer garden next door. However this had to be removed last Friday as the local students were having to use it for an end of term party. This meant the project was being run from Niall’s vehicle for the final few days of the project!

The sun was shining and was getting hotter. The call of the day was a Hot Works Permit and Allan thought an Ice-cream would be very fitting! We agree.


The rest of the team was very jealous of Allan’s ice-cream. Just look how tasty it looks. Lets hope this sunny weather continues and that more ice-cream comes our way!