An interesting visit to the Frederick Barracks for Trudy

Whilst in Maryland visiting family Trudy, our Managing Director, attended a training event for all emergency services at the Frederick Barracks. According to Trudy the event was very interesting and a great example of how important teamwork can be. This is something which Trudy discusses in great detail during our workshops.


Trudy and the Riot GearHelicopter












During the visit, Trudy also got a guided tour of the heavy duty vehicle and got to handle the riot gear which is apparently made of some sturdy stuff and is very heavy! The gentlemen pictured in the photo also gave Trudy a complete lowdown on when they as a team are used. In particular, they have been used in the Baltimore riots. Everyone at Esteem is excited to hear more about this once Trudy returns to the UK. The visit was then topped off by the Maryland State Police Helicopter arriving onsite. Not a bad day at all.


It was certainly a very interesting experience for Trudy and she might have picked up a few tips for managing the candidates at our workshops – watch out!