Check out Hector’s Developmental Journey with Esteem


Hector McGregor, a General Foreman at Kilmac Ltd, was signed up to one of our SVQ Level 3, Occupational Work Supervision programmes in March 2018. Hector explained that he had several motivations for signing up to the programme. This included the desire to improve his managerial skills and to gain a CSCS Gold Card.

Hector’s Developmental Journey with Esteem

The SVQ Level 3 programme required Hector to attend 4 half day developmental workshops which explored the key responsibilities of a Site Supervisor. Hector also attended a handful of 1:1 coaching sessions with his Assessor Cheryl and an onsite visit. Hector admits that at first, he was unsure about the programme due to the workshops. He explained that his time was limited and that since he was onsite a lot he was unfamiliar with sitting down in a ‘classroom environment.’ However, according to Hector “once I got used to the workshops they were great” and he would have attended more as the group discussions were invaluable to his personal development. He also found his toolkit (a booklet we hand out) to be a great learning tool and he even used it in meetings onsite to help explain certain processes.

Learning Outcomes

Having now completed the programme, Hector believes that the content was key to his personal development as it focused upon the areas where he needed training. Specifically, the programme has helped Hector communicate more effectively with his team. In summary, Hector believes that he has learnt how to build respect and encourage team work.

What’s Next?

Despite his concerns at the beginning of the programme, Hector is now eager to progress onto our management programme. This is because he has enjoyed enhancing his skills and networking with others in a similar role to himself. Hector has also recommended that his team goes on to our Occupational Work Supervision programme in the future as he believes that our unique approach to SVQs is a “great way to learn managerial skills.”

Congratulations Hector on completing our SVQ Level 3, Occupational Work Supervision programme. You have been a fantastic candidate and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

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