CITB to make changes to HS&E touch screen test

The Health Safety and Environment (HS&E) Touch Screen Test will be changing on 26th June 2019. More details below.

To ensure that CITBs HS&E Touch Screen Test is up to date all versions of the test have been reviewed. Where applicable, questions have been adapted to fit with new legislation and reflect changes within the industry.

According to CITB the changes include:

  • A new drag and drop ordering question will be introduced into the Managers and Professional test.
  • The tutorial has been updated to include help screens to support candidates with the different question styles
  • Behavioural case studies have been removed meaning that the test now has a simplified scoring mechanism. These scores will be:
    • for the Operatives test, the pass mark is 45 out of 50 
    • for the Specialists tests, the pass mark is 45 out of 50
    • for the Managers and Professionals test, the pass mark is 46 out of 50.

Updated revision material is now available to purchase. Importantly, the updated operatives guide will no longer contain the full question and answer bank but instead only a few. Diagrams and information have been added to help candidates learn more about safe working.

For more information please click here to be taken to the CITB website.