The importance of communication in the Construction Industry

Site Supervisors and Communication

You can have brilliant ideas but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere

Lee Iacocca

Effective communication is vital to the successful completion of any project. This is because good communication ensures the flow of information works between all parties and that the information is presented in ways which promotes understanding.


Now, think of a time where you have received poor communication. How did that make you feel? We asked our candidates and many admitted that it had made them feel confused, unmotivated and at times annoyed. Attributes which do not promote a productive and knowledgeable team.


A key responsibility of a Site Supervisor or Site Manager is to ensure that their team and any stakeholders are aware of any decisions or factors which could affect their role within a project. This is achieved through the successful implementation of strong communication channels. It seems simple enough in theory, however, in practice many Site Supervisors and Managers have confessed that there have been times when their communication systems have broken down, especially during busy periods. With the reasoning being that they have either not spent enough time developing and monitoring their communication systems or they have not had adequate training with regards to managing people and how to communicate effectively.


During our developmental SVQ, NVQ and Modern Apprenticeship programmes, how to communicate and manage people effectively is explored in depth during one of our workshops. We highlight the different ways in which a Supervisor or Manager could communicate with their team and different stakeholders. For example, a toolbox talk, a face to face meeting or an email and when each method would be most appropriate. We also explore ways in which candidates could promote trust, respect and goodwill within their team through how they conduct themselves. It is a very interesting part of our programmes and it is always great see the candidates taking on board what they are learning and sharing their own experiences. If a candidate does not have access to certain templates which would help them with their communication we will happily supply these.


In short, Site Supervisors and Site Managers need to be equipped with great communication skills so that their ideas, decisions and plans are understood by their whole team and any stakeholders throughout the project. If communication breaks down this is when issues begin to develop with regards to team work and productivity. If you have any Site Supervisors or Site Managers whom you feel would be benefit from learning about communication systems whilst achieving their CSCS Gold or Black card then do not delay. Call Andy, our Business Development Manager today on 07766 658083 to find out more about our developmental SVQ, NVQ and Modern Apprenticeship construction programmes.