Confused about the CSCS Profiled Route?



Have you heard talk recently about the CSCS Profiled Route?

“You can get your Site Managers Black, or Site Supervisors Gold card in a really short time and with no NVQ course? This must be a joke?…”

CSCS began offering the Profiled Route 4 years ago, but not many people know about it.
In May 2015 CSCS simplified the Profiled Route – provided you complete with the help of an accredited NVQ Assessor. The new route is a fast-track option for experienced Site Supervisors, or Site Managers who require a Black or Gold CSCS Card but do not wish to undertake an NVQ.

As a result, we are now offering the Esteem CSCS Profiled Route package, which means you could have your application submitted in as little as 2 weeks, instead of the average 8 months it takes to complete an NVQ!

We have a team of experienced Esteem Assessors working with our Profiled candidates and they will ensure that you are putting together the best possible application, before we send it off to CSCS for review.

Once they have your application, CSCS will take 28 days to review and respond, so in a little over a month, you could be holding your newly issued Black or Gold card…you can see why we are excited?!

Follow this link for more information, including who qualifies for the Profiled Route and give Andy a call on 07738 764 796 if you would like to talk through in more detail.

We look forward to working with you on the Profiled Route.
Claire Vale, Esteem Profile Manager