The importance of employee training and development in construction

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

Richard Branson


Training is a prime opportunity for any business to enhance their employees knowledge, skills as well as team morale. Unfortunately, training in many cases is overlooked and pushed to the side as it is not viewed as an obvious ‘money making initiative.’ However, at Esteem we strongly believe that training and development programmes are fruitful to both employers and employees.


The construction industry is in a relatively fragile state with the skills shortage continuing to effect productivity. According to a recent study carried out by CITB the construction demand in Scotland for 2018 was estimated to be 247,300 workers. However, the Scottish workforce nears 241,000. A shortfall of 3% meaning 6,400 more workers are required. Consequently, it is becoming more imperative that construction companies try to help widen the talent pool by attracting and retaining staff. This can be achieved through training and development programmes which will lead to qualifications in construction and a more motivated workforce.


Below we have shortlisted a handful of benefits employee training and development programmes can offer to both the employer and employee:


     1. Improved Employee Performance 

An employee who receives the necessary training will be able to perform their job more efficiently and effectively as they have a better understanding of the whole process of the job and what is required. This will lead to less mistakes occurring on site which can hold up a project and less accidents as the workers are aware of hazards and how to prevent them. This increase in performance will also increase company turnover.


     2. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction and retention 

Employees who have the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills will be more enthusiastic and willing to work-hard as they feel appreciated. If your workforce feels like their is scope to progress up the career ladder then they will not look elsewhere for employment. This employee retention will save money in the long term, improve team work and also relationships with clients as they will be familiar with your workforce.


     3. A more qualified workforce 

When a candidate completes a programme they will have a great sense of achievement and will feel proud, more confident and ready to take on their role as they understand to a better level what is expected of them. A lot of construction training programmes will also lead to a CSCS Card. A form of evidence which shows that the candidate is competent and skilled within their role in construction. For the employer, a more qualified workforce will mean that the business will be in a stronger position for tendering.


At Esteem, we love to work with companies who view their team as assets worth investing in and developing for the future. If you would like to grow your rising stars who are either at Site Supervisor or Site Management level then please do not delay. Call Andy today on 07766 658083 to book your team a place on one of our fully or partly funded developmental Modern Apprenticeship programmes.