Changes to CSCS Gold Card Requirements for SVQ3 in Occupational Work Supervision

Click here for clarification on the CSCS website – This communication is up to date as at 27 June 2019.


From 15 April 2019 anyone applying for a CSCS Supervisor Gold card via Occupational Work Supervision, must provide evidence of relevant experience/competence in their occupational area. A full list of occupations CSCS will accept can be accessed here.

This is now a mandatory requirement and CSCS will not issue Supervisory Gold cards if this information is not provided with the card application.

What Next?

If you have already commenced/completed your SVQ3 in Occupational Work Supervision – you MUST apply for your Gold card by 31 Dec 2019!

If you have achieved an S/NVQ Level 2 in an accepted trade you simply need to submit your certificate with your card application.

CSCS does recognise that a number of applicants have already undertaken the Occupational Work Supervision SVQ under the impression that this qualification alone would satisfy the requirements of the Gold Supervisor card. As CSCS do not wish to disadvantage these applicants, they will accept the following to apply for this card;

• L2 in an accepted trade – See link above for full list of occupations CSCS will accept

• CSCS Skilled card in an accepted trade

• An ‘endorsement letter’ from your training provider (Esteem) outlining which trade the Occupational Work Supervision SVQ was assessed against


For those who do not fall into the Endorsed categories above – there is an option to provide an alternative, in the form of one of the following;

1. Witness Testimony from your employer

2. Professional Discussion with your Assessor

You should also provide a copy of your current CV detailing the last 5 years of your work history in the occupation you have been supervising.     

The Future

If you haven’t got a S/NVQ L2 in a relevant trade – you MUST complete an SVQ3 in Construction Site Supervision in order to apply for your Gold card.

This will also apply for anyone renewing their CSCS Gold Supervisors card. The SVQ3 in Occupational Work Supervision is due to be replaced by a new version of the qualification on 1 January 2020.  It is hoped that this new qualification will incorporate all accepted endorsements.

If you have any queries about the new requirements, please contact