SDS Quality Assessment: Delivery of work-based learning

We have been awarded additional fully funded places on our upcoming SVQ Level 3 and 4 programmes. This is an exclusive March offer and candidates must be signed up before the end of the month! To release your team’s potential contact Andy today ( – 07766 658 083)

To celebrate our successful audit we are sharing it with you throughout March. Today we will be looking at the ‘delivery of work-based learning’ section and what SDS picked up on.

1. We set candidates up for success through our induction process

Prior to candidates beginning their SVQ with us an induction is carried out. This ensures that we are matching the right qualification to candidates needs. This includes an initial 1:1 meeting with the candidate, their mentor and someone from our Business Development team. Here the programme is explained, suggested evidence discussed and support strategies put in place. Candidates then attend an ‘introductory’ workshop which includes further details of the Modern Apprenticeship, assessment arrangements along with how to upload evidence. SDS found our induction to be very ‘comprehensive’ and that candidates found it ‘valuable to understand what is expected.’

2. We invest in learning through our unique, developmental workshops

Our programmes are delivered through an effective blend of on and off the job training. The knowledge and understanding part of the SVQ is completed at workshops which take place in conference facilities in hotels. SDS reported that candidates value this investment in their training and the ‘high quality learning environment offered away from their busy construction site.’

At our workshops, candidates are allocated a seat which offers the opportunity to meet new people in similar roles but in different trades. We believe that the group activities will also become more insightful as everyone will have different experiences to share. SDS recognised this claiming that our training is delivered in an ‘interactive style that encourages participations and effective learning.’

3. We go the extra mile to meet and exceed candidate and employer needs

At the beginning of our MA contract our SVQ programmes were only held in Cumbernauld. However, after listening to employer feedback regarding logistics we now offer regional programmes in Aberdeen and Argyll. We work with employers to ensure we are meeting their needs and removing barriers which could restrict their team from developing.         

SDS also mentioned our support system and that we appreciate that for some, our SVQ Programme might be one of the first formal qualification they have undertaken for some time. We want all our candidates to feel comfortable and motivated throughout the programme and not overwhelmed. When required we will arrange additional support. SDS believes that we have taken positive steps to create an “inclusive and dynamic training delivery environment that motivates and encourages success.”

To secure your team a fully funded place on our upcoming programmes please contact Andy today on 07766 658083 First come first served!