Dimensional Accuracy tasks? Its about that time again!


At the final workshop of our NVQ 4 programmes in Northern Ireland, we always have our candidates take part in 3 dimensional accuracy tasks which fits in with the workshop topic- Legalities and Standards. These programmes are run at the CITB NI premises in Northern Ireland and CITB NI design the tasks for us to test the skills of our candidates.

For our candidates to complete some practical tasks  in our workshops, it allows them to learn from each other and to become more comfortable in the topic at hand and it is always a bit of good fun.

Its great for us at Esteem to see our candidates enjoying this task, and its also great to see that the candidates do it so well.

This marks another programme drawing to a close as this is the final workshop for our current NVQ 4 candidates in Northern Ireland and from here on out they will be working through the final steps to compete their NVQ 4.

We wish them nothing but luck!