Happy Birthday Esteem!

Iris 430 years ago this month (1986 for those too lazy to do the maths)! A young lady named Trudy MacKenzie decided to take the plunge and set up her own company, Esteem. So what did 1986 look like for the world of Esteem? According to Trudy the biggest difference was the technology…

”My first computer was a PC with 2 floppy disk drives and it cost me 4.5k which was a huge amount of money at that time. We had one computer that we shared for everything. We used that for 5 years!!!”
“My first mobile phone was a Sony, it looked like a Mars Bar and I had it for 8 years!!!”
“The big drive was to ‘have your own office’ – it feels like we have come full circle with the virtual office of 2016. We started in the Scottish Executive Centre in Glasgow with one wee room and thought we had really made it when we bought our first office in 1992 in Ibrox, Glasgow. It was an old bank building that we converted and we even used the old safe as our stationary cupboard”!

How things have changed in 30 years, nowadays we work virtually, with a hub office in Glasgow. As testament to our virtual office approach, the team were working from several different locations for our monthly team meeting this week, which meant we had to delay our in person celebration, but we did enlist the help of some of the people who have worked, or are still working with Trudy, to create a special video to celebrate Esteem and Trudy. Click here to view our anniversary video.

The team are all very proud of Trudy and Esteem and how it has grown and adapted throughout the years.

One thing that we have always focused on is the need to evolve and adapt according to the needs of our clients. To that end we have had created a new programme called Fast Track.
Fast Track is similar to our O+ (online NVQ) product. We have created Fast Track in response to a request for a no-frills NVQ, with less of a developmental focus, something similar to the CSCS Profiled Route (which has now finished, with no alternative yet available).

If you need your Gold or Black Card, but don’t have the time to go through a full programme, call Martina today 07872 127 055 for more detail on O+ Fast Track.