Happy Friday – we have a great story to share


In September last year Trudy was delighted to be back working with Neville‘s in Luton – this time with 7 of their site managers on an in-house NVQ4 Supervisory programme.


It’s hard to believe that it is workshops are over now. The team were fantastic, motivated and enthusiastic throughout and it was a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to celebrating when they achieve their NVQ4 diploma in Construction Site Supervision next month.

We got some brilliant feedback from the team and wanted to share one of the testimony’s with you below:-

I think this course was a very worthwhile opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge of the job role of site supervisor. It made me think about this job role in a different way not the same old same old. It brought a whole new perspective to running a site/job with a more motivated and responsible attitude for the job role, this in turn should give more job satisfaction and personal achievement. It has also shown me what I can already do and what I also do without realising it. Also through this teaching it has helped to instigate a better onsite good practice culture.

One thing this course has shown more than ever now is the help that is available throughout the company to resolve any problems all you have to do is ASK! This I feel makes the workforce a unit, not us and them. Hopefully I and the other guys on the course can pass on the positive attitude we have adopted to the other company workers, thus promoting a happier work environment and a more productive workforce.
Tom Scales

Thank you Tom for that awesome feedback, it really captures the answer to that question ‘why do I need to bother with an NVQ qualification’. As Tom showed, it’s not just a qualification it’s a new way to approach your business – well at least it is when Esteem do it!


If you or your team would like to explore the benefits of an NVQ4 qualification, contact Martina today on martina@esteemtraining.com or 07872 127 055.