A historical location is always a good one for on-site visits- especially for Allan!


Allan had a successful on-site visit yesterday when he had to venture to Edinburgh’s Donaldson’s College.
This is a project that one of our candidates from P&M Sinclair is currently working on and Allan was very intrigued with the history of this site.
This magnificent building has been through some amount of change! Initially, it was the First School for the Education of Deaf Children in Great Britain. James Donaldson, in 1830 left his generous fortune to fund the expansion, construction and maintenance of the building that then became the Donaldson’s Hospital but also housed the school until 2007. Designed by William Playfair (aleading figure in Edinburgh’s englightenment who is responsible for many of the designs of buildings that are crucial to Edinburgh’s famous views such as the Mound to the Castle and of Calton Hill), it was not to be overlooked!
Another interesting feature of this building was that it was adopted during the wars as a Prisoner of war Camp and down in the lower basements there are etchings in the stonework believed to have been done by prisoners.
The on-site visit was positive and Allan thoroughly enjoyed it! Its not often in a job that you visit a new place and are confounded by the history!