Its all about Accelerated Learning

Last week – Trudy delivered a crash-course in Accelerated Learning to the Esteem team – including our new Facilitator Aidan.  It was very insightful and gave us all a fresh view of Accelerated learning, which is the cornerstone of everything we do at Esteem.


For those who are wondering what it is, Accelerated learning  has been around since the 1930s and has

been well researched and developed.  It is based on the facts assimilated over the last 50 years on how the human brain functions, and therefore the learning capacities of individuals.  It is built around the Howard Garner seven learning intelligences and can be applied to all aspects of learning and communication.  Methods and delivery of “learning” must match the thinking and learning styles of individuals.  The aim must be to give people facts and skills but also the means and confidence to find out for themselves.


This is an approach that Esteem takes for designing and delivering all our programmes, toolkits, online learning tools and workshops – so that our candidates are as engaged as possible.  What we all realised in this session was how everybody has completely different learning styles and when a group of people come together for a workshop, it can be very difficult to appeal to them all.


Trudy has studied and worked with Accelerated Learning for a long time now and is incredibly enthusiastic about  appealing to a group of varied learning preferences – we believe it is the key to our on-going success in developing people!

If you want to find out your learning style, click here, it might just surprise you!