SDS Quality Assurance Assessment: Leadership and Quality Culture

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Skills Development Scotland have recently carried out their Quality Assurance Assesment and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome! To celebrate our success, we have decided to share our audit with you throughout March. Today we are discussing the ‘Leadership and Quality Culture’ section of the report.

1. The Esteem Team is qualified and focused on helping our candidates suceed

At Esteem we appreciate that the success of a business is dependent upon the success of the team. With this, we are all qualified and competent within our roles. However, we also work together to ensure success for both the business and our candidates. Everyone is happy and willing to step in when needed to help another Steemie out! SDS picked up on our strong ‘team ethic’ and stated that we all “make positive contributions to delivery and the overall achievement programme performance.” We were thrilled SDS noticed this!

2. Team Days

Every quarter a ‘team day’ is held where all of us steemies unite and take time out of our ‘day-jobs.’  This is an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on our success over the past few months as a team. A good ole catch-up also occurs! At these meetings we agree new goals and determine solutions to any problems we feel may arise. SDS stated that this was good practice and that through our communication system a culture of ‘openness’ is encouraged.

3. The Esteem team also continues to develop!

To ensure we are ‘practicing what we preach’ everyone within Esteem considers and identifies training needs and development opportunities. This is something SDS picked up on! For example, Allan (one of our talented and dedicated assessors) completed an online diploma. Check out his achievement by clicking here.

Everyone at Esteem was thrilled to hear that SDS thought we worked well as a team. After all, team work makes the dream work!

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