Learning and development during lockdown for the Steemies

Although the Steemies spent most of lockdown supporting our candidates reach their goals, some Steemies also took on some learning of their own.

Andy, Laura, KarenMac, Debbie, Stuart and Martina all completed the Level 3 NCRQ Safety for Managers Course. NCRQ gave us the wonderful opportunity to complete this highly regarded course – absolutely FREE!

The interactive course was excellent. We learned about the Health and Safety responsibilities for both the employer and employees. It is our responsibility as employees to “take reasonable due care for ourselves and others”. It was also interesting to note how Health and Safety is still very subjective.

We also learned about the Hierarchy of control, COSHH and other hazards. The course made us think about the importance of being aware of different hazards – not only in the workplace – but in the home as well.

Overall, it was very insightful and the learning material was excellent. The material included video case studies and interactive questions.