Lockdown Projects

The Steemies have been working hard to meet your training needs throughout the pandemic. However, we have also taken the time to do something for ourselves….

Being confined to our homes has turned many of us into self-proclaimed DIY experts. Our assessor Allan, Business Development Manager Andy and Operations Director Martina (along with the cutest helper) have been busy with some exciting projects.

Our Assessor Allan has put his hand to up-cycling some old barrels and turning them into a gorgeous table for the garden.


Our Business Development Manager Andy has also been extremely busy. Having moved to a new house late last year, lockdown gave Andy and his wife Ailleachd the perfect opportunity to transform their garden.


Digging up stones, levelling, top soiling and seeding, there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears that went into their garden transformation – and boy was it worth it!


Operations director Martina and her gorgeous assistant Ava have been busy fixing up the greenhouse in their garden.

Hopefully they’ll be able to cook up a treat with all their fresh and organic produce soon!

As you can see, the Steemies are not just good at getting our candidates through their SVQs, we have a wealth of hidden talents.

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