Mind maps – free tool for generating fresh ideas

David presenting the Esteem team mind mapping session

In this blog post we share how our team makes use of mind maps to generate fresh ideas to help bring new projects to fruition and how you, too, can harness the power of mind maps almost immediately. Several of our team have been using mind maps for years courtesy of our exposure to Accelerated Learning as championed by our company founder, Trudy Mackenzie.

Using mind maps, almost anyone can generate new ideas for a wide range of tasks including event planning, project management, managing ‘To Do’ lists or brainstorming new products or services.

With such a powerful tool available at no cost, and with our team continuing to grow, we decided to hold two half-day training workshops to introduce some of the potential benefits available from introducing mind maps into daily working practice.

Intuitive vs linear working

Mind maps make use of intuitive vs linear ways of working, since they mimic the way our brains work – for example including grouping concepts together using natural associations rather than through bullet points or lists.

All you need is some quiet time, a blank sheet of paper, some colourful pens or pencils and a willingness to try something new. Mind mapping’s techniques encourage us to explore new creative pathways – following an idea through in more depth drawing on colour, images, numbers and words. In creating our mind maps, we’re often triggered to spot gaps in our knowledge or existing approach, uncovering important new possibilities to help address the shortfall.

How to create a mind map

Multiple benefits

Statistics quoted for mind mapping’s benefits include a 50% increase in creativity, 81% stating that mind maps help them manage projects more efficiently, and that mind maps can improve memory by 32%. Not a bad return from a free tool that’s available to everyone.

To learn more about the training and support we offer, visit our website. Or feel free to contact Andy Findlater – 07766 658083 – who will be happy to discuss any training you may need for you or your team. Or email him at andy@esteemtraining.com