Our new Candidate Support Guidance Document can Provide Support to Every Single Candidate… Whatever Their Learning Needs May Be!

Throughout the history of Esteem, we have seen many a candidate through to the end of their qualifications… we have taken our candidates through from Supervisory all the way to senior Management level qualifications! You can imagine just how many candidates we have supported throughout the last few decades, and with practise comes perfection!

Over the years we have been developing our knowledge and internal processes to the point that we can confidently say that we offer the best possible candidate journey we can to each of our candidates.

After securing our first Modern Apprenticeship contract last year, we were invited to attend a variety of different Skills Development Scotland seminars that helped providers to ensure full support was given to each and every candidate that comes through our doors. These seminars really helped us to develop our knowledge and has in turn helped us to create our very own Candidate Support Guide document. We have put together this document to advise every candidate, regardless of their background, of a multitude of ways that can assist them through their qualification with us and some of these tips can be carried on to help with basic life tasks too following on from the programme!

The Candidate Support guide is just one of the ways that we ensure candidates are supported in their qualification, but we believe that our people also make a significant impact too. Having the candidates feel like they can come to us about anything to do with their qualification is of great importance to us and we always reiterate that there is no such thing as a silly question!

We have also recently created a specific Candidate Support Team, who ensure that the candidate journey is at the best level possible for each candidate!

Here at Esteem, the candidate journey is our top priority and we will never stop further developing our support systems in place to assist with this. From our Assessors all the way to our Project Managers, we take measures to ensure everybody is supported in the fullest way possible at all times.