A successful start for our 5th NVQ 4 programme in Northern Ireland

The Esteem team welcomes 15 new candidates onto our 5th CITBNI NVQ Level 4 programme in Northern Ireland. We cannot wait to hit the ground running and help all 15 candidates develop within their role and to achieve their qualification.

Last week Trudy and Allan flew across to Northern Ireland to meet the 15 new candidates who have just began their NVQ Level 4. With CITBNI running the programme candidates are offered the unique opportunity to enhance their skills through first class training facilities. This includes the virtual training facility called VET360 which allows candidates to view construction sites and learn from real time examples.

At Esteem we like to make learning simple, easy and enjoyable. With this, our NVQ4 programme consists of 5 half day development workshops which explore the key responsibilities a Site Supervisor has. This includes planning and managing projects, teams, resources and awareness of certain legalities and standards. We have found that this ‘off-site’ learning helps candidates truly focus on what is being discussed. Candidates also have a handful of 1:1 sessions with their assessor and a site-visit. These practices were designed to ensure that candidates are supported throughout their NVQ and are given the opportunity to build new skills where necessary.

Previous candidates have appreciated our unique style to NVQs:

My overall experience and view of Esteem has been great! It is very well organised and on point to the schedule. You are well looked after in terms of being trained. If you are stuck or struggling they help you through it. I would highly recommend them for any future courses

Andrew McCamley, J&R Property Repairs, NVQ Level 4 programme

We are thrilled to work with CITBNI, helping Site Supervisors and Managers become more confident and skilled within their role. If you would like to develop your rising stars then please contact Andy: andy@esteemtraining.com