Our Site of the Month: Fruid Reservoir

Our site of the month for September was at Fruid Reservoir due to the impressive views and use of a helicopter!

Nicola, one of our talented assessors, went to Fruid Reservoir to undertaken a site visit with Jordan. A brilliant candidate who is a Site Supervisor for George Leslie. Since this visit Jordan has now completed our SVQ Level 3: Occupational Work Supervision programme. A great achievement and we are thrilled that he enjoyed the programme and gained valuable skills:

Positive experience throughout – clear guidance and goals . Encouraged to reach every milestone. The programme has helped me form a broader knowledge and understanding of the leadership role in the workplace.

Our SVQ Level 3: Occupational Work Supervision programme is fully funded under the Modern Apprenticeship scheme in Scotland. It is is a brilliant qualification for Site Supervisors and team leaders who are stepping into a supervisory role. It covers key processes and procedures which can help improve project and people management skills amongst other things.

Jordan was working on removing a bridge for the reservoir as it was deemed unsafe. A helicopter was used to assist with this! It was a certainly a very interesting visit for Nicola and a lot of evidence was gathered to help Jordan complete his SVQ Level 3.

If you would like to find out more about our fully funded, SVQ Level 3 and 4 construction programmes please contact Andy today at andy@esteemtraining.com.