Our very first Modern Apprenticeship Contracting Operations Management Programme Comes to a Wonderful End

May marked the final workshop of our pilot Construction Contracting Operations Management Modern Apprenticeship programme. As always it was a bit of an emotional farewell to the candidates that we have been working with closely over the past 6 months on a developmental workshop basis, but we are excited to see what they will achieve in their careers on top of this SVQ Award.

This was the very first time we have delivered this SVQ qualification and it went very well. It provided Esteem with a lot of learning points and highlights as well as the fact that it allowed us to build great relationships with our candidates from a variety of companies within Scotland.

The programme consisted of 8 very switched-on managerial level candidates from Jarvey Stone, HM Raitt, B&D Roofing, Haldane Construction, WGM Engineering and Tempus 4.

We also got a chance to see our candidates shine in their Lead Change presentations at the final workshop, which they prepared by themselves and it provided a great deal of information for all to learn (including the Steemies!). We were very proud of the visible development of the candidates throughout the programme and wish them luck in completing the final elements of their SVQs!

We certainly cannot wait to get together again for our Celebration Event once all have been certificated!

For our upcoming Modern Apprenticeship SVQ programmes of Supervisor (Funded) and Manager levels, please visit our website for more details or contact Andy on 07766658083.