SDS Quality Assurance Assessment: Good Practice

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Recently we were audited by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and our high standards have been recognised. To celebrate our achievement, we are sharing our audit with you over the next month. Today we are summarising our good practice.

We approach SVQs in a unique way as we want to ensure our candidates are supported and motivated. We aim to help our candidates develop whilst achieving their SVQ in a timely manner. SDS picked up on this and mentioned the below.

1. We make learning simple

SDS was impressed with one of our documents which breaks down our SVQ programmes into segments. Before a candidate is signed up they are informed of how much time they should allocate to each part of their VQ and what to expect. We appreciate that balancing work with an SVQ can be challenging and we want to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Once a candidate is on programme and attends their first workshop they are given a ‘toolkit’ which is internally developed. It is a unique booklet which includes key information about a site supervisors or managers role and their responsibilities along with certain processes. It also contains questions which are mandatory for the knowledge and understanding part of the VQ. Candidates work through this information and questions at our developmental workshops. SDS found this to be a unique and an effective way to support candidates and help them achieve their qualification.

2. We make learning enjoyable

SDS interviewed our candidates and their employers to ensure that we were offering an enjoyable and educational experience. This was an imperative part of the audit for the Esteem team because we continually strive to develop our first-class delivery model. We want all our candidates to feel ‘esteemed’ and more confident within their role. We are VERY pleased to announce that SDS found that candidates were ‘extremely satisfied’ with our training with regards to our workshop setting, delivery style and content.

High attendance levels at our unique workshops was also identified as good practice. Again, this is something we pride ourselves on as our workshops are a key tool for developmental. We believe that we give candidates the opportunity to learn from each other and to build their confidence. Don’t just listen to us:

The course content was very helpful. I found it to be informative and the workshop resources will be used in my business in the future. All the staff at Esteem have been excellent to deal with and make the course very enjoyable

Joe MacIntyre, Oban Joinery Services, SVQ 3: Occupational Work Supervision

3. We invest in learning

SDS was impressed with the amount of time and resources that we allocate to ensuring our programmes are supportive and effective. For example, that a member of the Esteem team hosts a table at our workshops and acts as a ‘facilitator’ during group discussions. This ensures that all our candidates are participating and gain maximum benefit from the workshops.

Our Quarterly team days were also mentioned as good practice. Here we take time out from our ‘day job’ to reflect on our achievements and discuss the future. We continually search for ways to enhance our unique programme delivery to ensure our candidates are getting the most out of our SVQ Level 3 and 4 programmes. 

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