Steemies at the Circus

Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

Last week as part of our Employee Ownership day the whole team took part in a circus workshop led by the very talented team at Circus Sensible. We wanted a group activity after lunch that we could all get involved in – and we certainly achieved that.

Kat and Ella led the Steemies in learning a series of new tricks. We spent the afternoon trying to master the arts of juggling, feather balancing, plate spinning and hula hooping. There were also a variety of fast paced games to keep us on our toes (“Whoosh”, “Kerching”, “Bong”).

Needless to say there was a lot of laughs and some of the team were more talented than others.

Jenna (left) and Emma (right) holding juggling balls to show off their newly learnt circus skills.
Jenna (left) and Emma (right) show off their newly learnt skills
Photograph © Martin Shields

Esteem Circus Clowns

Tracey balancing a peacock feater on her hand showing us how it's done!
Tracey showing us how it’s done!
Photograph © Martin Shields

At the end of the session we got to showcase our new talents, which included Allan (IV Manager) working in partnership with Tracey (Trainee Business Development Coordinator) to artistically spin plates and swap mid air – just like the professionals.

Meanwhile Jenna (Business Development Coordinator) and Emma (Operations Coordinator) worked in harmony to spin plates whilst hula hooping, which was very impressive.

The team were all very taken with the Circus skills and some of us even bought juggling balls to practice at home.

Could there be Steemie Circus on the horizon?… Watch this space!

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