3 Site Managers at SJS complete our SVQ Level 3 and 4 programme

Two is the magic number for three Site Managers at SJS property Services! Last year Ally, Derek and Vincent were signed up to our SVQ Level 3: Construction Site Supervision programme. Having found the programme both enjoyable and informative, all three progressed to, and have recently completed, our SVQ Level 4: Construction Site Management programme. A brilliant achievement.

Developmental Journey

All three candidates began their developmental journey when they were signed up to our SVQ Level 3 CSS programme. This programme consisted of 6 half day developmental workshops which cover the knowledge and understanding aspects of the VQ. At these sessions certain processes and paperwork are discussed which could help candidates manage their workload and teams more efficiently. In addition, the candidates had an on-site visit and a handful of 1:1 sessions with their assessor. 

After completing their SVQ Level 3, the candidates were eager to build upon their management skills further and to gain a CSCS Black Card. With this, the candidates progressed to our SVQ Level 4: CSM programme along with their colleague, William. This is a larger programme which involved the candidates allocating more time to their SVQ. However, knowing what to expect the candidates hit the ground running!

Learning Outcomes

Reflecting upon both programmes, the candidates believe they have been very insightful and have helped improve paperwork capabilities and their management skills. In addition, Ally mentioned that due to the CSM programme, his company has inherited a newsletter which will help employees get to know one and other better and jobs people are working on.

Perfectly paced course that allows you to learn so much more than expected. Everyone involved in putting the course together nailed it. Hope to be involved in more courses in the future

Ally Flockhart, Site Manager at SJS Property Services

When asked if they would recommend the programme to others the response was ‘Yes – highly. There is no reason why you wouldn’t do it!’ At Esteem we love to switch people onto learning. It has been fantastic to see Ally, Derek and Vincent progress through our programmes and to receive such positive feedback from them.

Stay tuned to see if they carry on their developmental journey with us and complete our SVQ Level 5: Strategic Senior Management programme in the future!

If you would like to grow your rising stars then contact Andy today at andy@esteemtraining.com to secure their place on one of our fully funded, construction SVQ Level 3 and 4 programmes.