Wristband detects if lone workers are in trouble

Tended Protect

Are you a Lone worker or responsible for the safety of individuals who work alone? If so, we might have discovered a device which could help.


There are a variety of different devices which could be used to help keep lone workers safe. However, when we came across an article which discussed an electronic wristband known as Tended Protect we thought we should share what we learnt.


What is it?


Tended Protect was created by Leo Scott Smith due to his personal experiences of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. It is an electronic wristband that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and through careful design can detect if the user is in trouble. The device is able to detect this as it tracks and monitors work activities is able to recognise any movement which is not ‘normal.’


How does it work?


If Tended Protect believes the user is in danger it sends a powerful vibration prompting the user to respond. If the user fails to respond to a ‘safety check’ an alert is sent to a list of emergency contacts along with the GPS location, activity information and health data of the user. There is also an option to call the emergency services.


The future for Tended Protect


Tended Protect is currently being used by 8 different companies and we are looking forward to hearing user-experience stories.


Scott Smith told BIM+ that “The builders’ merchant wants to protect its lone workers in potentially risky or dangerous situation, but also to develop new applications, such as the ability to geosense when staff arrive on site, or a designated area of the site, and automatically remind them to wear appropriate PPE with a buzz and a message on their smartphone.”


The future of construction with regards to advancements in technology looks interesting and we are looking forward to seeing the next big creation.


To find out more about Tended Protect please click here.