The Steemies are trialling a 4-day working week

Like most of you, Esteem Training Ltd have been busy making significant changes to our business as a result of the pandemic.  One area that has remained a focus throughout is the health and wellbeing of our team.  As such we are being proactive and trialling a 4-day working week, closing the business on Wednesdays to give the team a “day back”.

This is a three-month trial (1 July to 30 Sep 2020) and during this time we hope to encourage:

  • Enhanced wellbeing for our team
  • Smarter, more productive working
  • A refreshed and creative team
  • The opportunity for personal and professional growth for the Steemies

We also hope that the “day-back” brings opportunities for our team to take control of their work/life balance and:

  • To “give back” by volunteering or raising money for charity
  • To spend time with family and friends
  • To take day trips and enjoy hobbies

As you can imagine – we did not take this decision lightly and we are not the only ones who think a 4 day week is the way forward.  New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern suggested employers consider a four-day working week and other flexible working options to help address persistent work/life balance issues.

There is much research on the topic but we thought we would share with you some of our favourites.  An inspiring Ted Talk delivered by Kirsty Wark which explores the concept of a “day back”.  An article in the Independent which highlights research by the Henley Business School which suggests that a 4-day working week could save UK businesses an estimated £104 bn a year by helping to increase staff productivity and improved mental and physical wellbeing. Other employers who have adopted the 4-day week say their staff are happier and less stressed.  We liked the sound of all of that that!

What are your thoughts on adopting a 4 -day working week for your business? Let us know by getting in touch with

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