The Steemies FIRST Virtual Team Day

Every quarter the Steemies put the phones down and come together. The team day gives us the chance to catch up and share new ideas and practices.

This year, due to COVID-19 the entire team are working from home and because of social distancing measures we couldn’t congregate like we normally would. It was therefore down to Microsoft Teams to get the gang back together.

The morning started with the team reviewing the highlights and challenges of the year so far… and boy were there many! The current pandemic has challenged Esteem in many ways – we can’t hold any workshops however, it has highlighted just how dynamic and adaptable we are as a business. This is a testament to our team and the leadership.

Our directors Trudy, Martina and Ian talked us through how we have used this time as an opportunity to re-engineer the business, adapt our products, services and the way we communicate with our candidates. We then took time to re-do our SWOT analysis as a lot had changed since we last completed it in December. It is clear COVID-19 has been a major threat to the business but as we mentioned we turned it on its head, and it’s created many opportunities for Esteem through utilising different means of digital technology. 

There are lots of exciting things happening at Esteem. We’ve decided to pilot a 4-day working week (blog coming soon) which means Esteem will close every Wednesday and we’re also recommending that the team explore the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Overall, the Steemies are thriving and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 brings. We know one thing for sure, with a good team in place we will continue to flourish.