A great training day for the Business Development Team

ACT Training

One the key values which underpins the culture at Esteem is self-development. Each member of the team is given the opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge through training days and discussions. It is very much encouraged as we believe that the success of a business is based upon the success of the team.


Last week our Business Development team attended a training day for our Customer Relationship Management system. Cat, an ACT Guru, from wildcat Solution’s met with the team to show us all that ACT has to offer and the positive impact it could make on our current processes. It was certainly a very interesting day and the team learnt a lot about the system.


After a hugely successful first year running Modern Apprenticeship programmes and with our team growing it has become essential that all of our processes work effectively. Our overall goal is to ensure that all of our clients receive an excellent service and enjoy their developmental journey with Esteem. This mean we are continually looking for ways to improve.  A lot of great ideas came out of the training day for moving forward and we are all motivated to implement the positive changes. Although change can at times be daunting, something we discuss during our developmental workshops for NVQs and SVQs, the Esteem team are ready to take the plunge!


Thank you to Cat for helping us understand ACT better and also to Café Walt for allowing us to use their fantastic boardroom for the day. The tasty snacks and lunch definitely helped the team stay focused.


There are currently a lot of exciting changes occurring at Esteem and we are always on the look out for individuals to help us with our growing demand. If you have an interest in the construction sector and a passion for helping others develop then we would love to hear from you! Please send your CV and a covering letter to info@esteemtraining.com and we will get in touch as soon as possible.