No-one is perfect but a Team can be. Belbin Team Roles with Oxfam Scotland

Trudy very much enjoyed delivering ‘Working as a Team’ for Oxfam Scotland this week.  It also gave her the chance to use our new Belbin system again – which is proving to be a hit!


The Oxfam team chose to have the full Belbin report (including Observers).  In addition to the ‘Self Perception’ questionnaire, the system gathers responses from 4 ‘observers’.  As observers – team members are asked to rate the individual as a team player using adjectives.  This not only gives a much fuller report – it is always interesting to know what your team think your strengths are.


Our new Belbin system also provides delegates with “tailored cameos” – these are 10 minute videos explaining your top team role, strengths and allowable weaknesses. Belbin’s new and improved system has not only made our lives easier, but also provided our delegates with the information they need to help improve their team working skills = WIN WIN!


If you’re interested in the topic of Working as a Team, or Belbin – contact or call us on 0845 094 2019.