Two new Trainee Assessors have joined the team!

Esteem Training are delighted to announce that Rosie Neill and Chris Ward have joined Esteem Training as Trainee Assessors.

Rosie and Chris bring a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to the Assessor team. We can’t wait to see them flourish in their new roles.

Below we find out a bit more about what brought Rosie and Chris to Esteem Training and how they have got on in their first week.

Chris says:

“I started life as a plumber working all over Scotland and even offshore on several oil platforms and managed to work my way up to do various roles, starting with assistant site manager, site manager, project manager and finally contracts manager. Alongside doing these roles I attended South Lanarkshire College and achieved an HNC in Business Management and an HNC and HND in Construction Management. It was when I was studying these subjects some of my lecturers mentioned they thought I would be a perfect fit for a coaching/assessing role. I hadn’t really given it much thought until this point but the more I thought about it the more I realised this is the path I would like to follow.

Working within the construction industry I was well aware that Esteem Training had an excellent reputation in delivering learning experiences and delivered some of the most relevant qualifications relating to the construction industry.

It became very clear from the first conversation I had with Ian that Esteem were focused on helping others develop and progress within the construction industry and that Esteem had created the perfect environment for candidates to display their knowledge and skillset to further their careers and improve the construction industry as a whole.”

Rosie Says:

Having been informed by my husband that being an eternal student alone does not constitute a real job, I joined the family construction business. I took great satisfaction in growing our business from two men in a van to one which employed over 26 tradespeople, delivering award winning building projects from concept to completion. Being part of a small business provided me with the opportunity be part of in every aspect of our involvement in construction and business management. I would now like to use my professional experience to assist those working in the industry to develop and grow.

Having been an Esteem candidate myself, I have experienced Esteem’s unique delivery of an NVQ Level 7. Their customer care standards are first class, and the support given to me throughout the NVQ 7 journey was exceptional. I had reached a point in my career where I was looking for a new challenge, and when the opportunity to work with Esteem came up, I grabbed it! I share Esteem’s values, both professionally and personally, and what could be more rewarding than a career helping people achieve their full potential, and continually improving our construction industry.

My first impressions during my first two weeks as part of the Esteem team are how genuinely friendly and supportive everyone is, that there is an open culture where things can be challenged and improved, and communication is important communication is to this team – with each other, and with the world at large! These guys love to communicate – honestly, efficiently and in every medium possible!

It’s great to hear such great feedback already from our new recruits!

If you are interested in joining Esteem Training, we are currently recruiting for a Trainee Business Development Coordinator and an Onboarding Coordinator. Email to find out more or look at our website here.