Customer is key!

20160517_123908Esteem are working with the Building Contractors Training Group (BCTG) to deliver a series of management development workshops and I was lucky enough to attend the latest one last week.

This workshop title was ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ and the venue was The Experience in Glasgow – if you haven’t already been you should check it out. They are doing some very cool things in their space, including meeting facilities, team building and the chance to dine in an airplane cockpit…yes really!

The attendees were all working in a customer facing role and the majority of them were already incredibly passionate about customer service, (with a couple looking to renew their enthusiasm)!

Trudy loves her statistics and we were all blown away by some of those figures…I don’t want to give too much away, but did you know that it is 7 times more expense to acquire a new customer than it is to continue with an existing one?

There were some great stories told during the workshop, especially the ones which focused on our own experiences of exceptional customers service.

Ultimately I was really impressed with the dedication to customer service displayed in the room and the importance their companies placed on taking the time out to focus on their development.

Next up is the Delegation Workshop – something we could all improve on I’m sure. If you would like to book development for you or your team call Martina today on 07872 127 055 or email her at