Esteem Staff Team Photo

In March 2022, we became an employee-owned business. Every team member is now a beneficiary of an Employee Ownership Trust, which owns Esteem Training Ltd on behalf of all employees now and in the future. 

Esteem Training has always placed significant emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service, and under employee-ownership, every member of the team will have a vested interest in the business. Research has shown that a combination of shared ownership and employee participation results in a business that is more engaged, productive, innovative and sustainable.

Our move to Employee Ownership demonstrates our commitment to our team and building a business that we can all be proud of. We want to encourage employees to innovate and identify ways of improving the business. That could be ways of communicating better, finding cost-savings, improving processes, etc. 

We recognise the importance of finding effective ways of keeping all employees informed about how well the business is doing.  Furthermore, we ensure that employees have a voice at the highest level – by including employee-elected representatives at both Board and Trust Board level. Trudy MacKenzie, our Founder, also sits on the Trustee Board as Chair.

Co-ownership Solutions LLP managed all aspects of our move to employee ownership, and they were assisted and advised by Scottish legal firm Lindsays.

We are also a member of the Employee Ownership Association – to find out more about Employee-Ownership – click here.