Our New Office at The Whisky Bond

It has been a very exciting few weeks for the Esteem team as we have moved to a lovely new office at The Whisky Bond. Our old office at Speirs Wharf served us well and we made great memories and plans there, however, we couldn’t be more happy with our new space. The Whisky Bond is a trendy building and being situated on the canal offers an excellent spot for a bit of lunch.


The Whisky Bond


The move could certainly be classed as a team bonding exercise as we all helped out when we could. The task list was long from sourcing new furniture, to painting and putting in a new carpet to sorting out all the things we have collected over the years. It was a challenge, however, we managed it and I think everyone in the team should be proud of what we have done and it is great to see the office now in use. Below is a picture of part of the team enjoying one of the Whisky Bond meeting rooms.


Team Day at The Whisky Bond


There are still a few finishing touches which need to be made to make our space as perfect as possible. One being to hang a large map of the UK on the wall so we can see where everyone in the team is and also where our customers are based. We hope this will help us with our logistics (fingers crossed) as our team is dotted across the UK from Tiree to Newcastle just like our customers.


2017 was a great year for Esteem as we rolled out our first Modern Apprenticeship Construction Programmes which have been a great success and all our candidates and their employers have been thrilled with the developmental approach we take. With this, 2018 is looking to be even better and as a result our team has slowly but surely increased along with the amount of paperwork we have! It was definitely time for us to pack up our things and move to a larger space. We see this move as a new and exciting chapter in our history and we cannot wait to meet all the other interesting businesses which are based at The Whisky Bond.


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