Where is Esteem based?

Occasionally a client will ask us where we are based, having witnessed the whirlwind of activity from our team.

One day Glasgow, one day London, one day Belfast and the next thing you know someones on a plane to the Shetland Islands!

The truth is we are a virtual team, with an office in Glasgow which we use as our base at times.

Trudy travels the most and in addition to the Glasgow office she has an office on the Island of Tiree. Claire is also based on Tiree, (which she is finding much easier since the recent introduction of fibre broadband)! Martina swapped her city life for the green hills of the wee market town Dumfries. Iris, Cheryl and Andy split their time working from home and the main office.

We all love our home offices but recently Cheryl won the ultimate bragging rights, when she converted a humble shed into her swish new home office and we couldn’t be more impressed…and jealous!










A quick google shows some really interesting stats about working from home.
The benefits include – a greater talent pool to choose from, employee retention (through less stress in not dealing with the daily commute), lower employee costs, less unnecessary meetings and increased productivity (a Stanford study showed a 13% productivity increase when working from home).

One of the key negatives listed is that the team can struggle to stay connected and focus on the big picture. That can be a challenge but it’s something that we keep in mind within our team, using skype video chats and for meetings, in addition to aiming for a monthly meet up for the whole team. Check out our recent blog on our 3 day get together on Tiree…a team that eats lobster together stays together!