Withdrawing the CRO card but ensuring safety and quality with the CSCS card

CRO cards will no longer be valid as of 31 March 2017!

The Construction Leadership Council have decided that this would be the best route to achieving a safe and suitably qualified construction industry as by ensuring that all site construction workers have their CSCS card, it shows that they have had satisfactory training and appropriate qualifications behind them to do their job well and safely. The CRO card was ideal for some workers in specific fields, but it does not prove that the card holder has achieved relevant qualifications and training.

It is expected that this anticipated move to the sole requirement of holding a CSCS card will affect over 230,000 CRO card holders.

If you are a CRO card holder and require a CSCS card, you will be required to register for the appropriate training qualifications before your current CRO card expires. You may be moved to one of CSCS’s Partner Card Schemes to enable the continuation of your occupation. If your occupation is not construction related or if there are no suitable qualifications in your chosen field you will not be required to hold a CSCS card but you will be under the responsibility of site supervisors and managers to ensure maximum safety on sites at all time. For more information regarding the expiration of the CRO card and how you might be impacted, please click here.